Why Should You Get Sports Tested?

In collaboration with Game Ready and Football BC, we’re hosting an enhanced football combine, allowing players to see how they compare globally with their peers! You can register HERE.

AUGUST 16TH IN COQUITLAM! In collaboration with Firsar, we’ll be hosting an open male AND female on-ice testing session! You can register HERE.

With two huge testing events coming up this weekend in Coquitlam and Burnaby, you might be asking yourself: “why should I get tested?”\

Often, players or coaches may feel like you’re stagnating, improving, or lagging behind, but these are largely subjective assessments of a player’s performance. What a player needs to do is stop guessing and start assessing their progress through our objective testing. With that, you can fully see where you need improvement, where you are improving, and what you need to adjust, according to the results. Once you have been tested, you can start to create a database to track your progress, which is available to you and your coaches.

In some cases, where you believe you’re not getting your fair shake from your coaches, you can look to these tests and see accurate, objective measurements that are comparable to your peer group.

“The increasing reliance on analytics and testing in sports has created a high demand for quantitative information that compliments qualitative observations. Our equipment and databases have helped us answer that demand and exceed the expectations of coaches, parents and athletes. The accuracy and efficiency of the equipment coupled with the highly populated database of testing results has truly allowed us to become the testing solution out west.” Dan Waschuk – Owner, Competitive Thread

But even beyond these simple benefits, our tests are efficient and use only the most state-of-the-art equipment, allowing us to accurately test up to 60 players in 60 minutes or less. Our equipment also doesn’t require the sue of stop watches, pens, or paper, eliminating any element of human error from the equation. Your results are then instantaneously added to a database is less than 10 minutes after the player combine is completed.

But don’t take our word for it! Our testing combines have started to creep into the NHL, with scouting organizations making use of our on-ice testing! Click here to read about our on-ice NHL testing.