The Fuel That Feeds Our Athletes

An athlete’s diet is essential to the growth, improvement, and progress in their respective sport. It impacts everything from muscle growth, mentality, and learning to simply being able to focus on the task at hand. It is literally half the battle, and its importance at Competitive Thread has not gone over looked. Luckily, we are fortunate enough to have the well-loved, well-known, and everyone’s local favourite Pasta Pantry & Trattoria right here in Sherwood Park to provide us with their savoury supply of Italian eats. With their locally famous slogan, you can always expect “real food, real fast, real fresh,” and their menu includes a variety of homemade classics like pastas, salads and soups, just like your mother made them!

If you’ve never heard of Pasta Pantry, don’t hesitate to check out their site and see what they have to offer (warning: mouth-watering will without a doubt occur.) Click here to visit their site:

But what is really exciting about Pasta Pantry? Well, in case you weren’t aware, we’ve teamed up with them to offer anyone who joins our development camps a lunch option, which is provided by… you guessed it… PASTA PANTRY!

We’ve been offering Pasta Pantry as the daily nutritional fuel through our lunch program for around four years now and it seems like our players have really taken a liking to it. You might even say it is giving them a slight competitive advantage! When we first started this program, we had a 50% buy-in and that has grown immensively, to a now near 100% buy in of all players. That looks like a success story if we’ve ever seen one!

The lunch program costs an additional $65.00 and the success of this program speaks for itself.

Our next development camp, the Hockey/Golf shooting camp, is coming up pretty soon: July 13th! If you would like to register for it, hearty, healthy lunch and all, visit our registration page:  ( And don’t sleep on this! As the date comes nearer and nearer, the spots are starting to fill up! The ages 12-14 camp only has 2 spots left!