The Benefits Of Sports On Young Women

Whether you’re a male or female, physical activity is an incredibly important piece of leading a healthy lifestyle. One of the easiest ways to be more physically active is to participate in sports. Unfortunately, there is something of a cultural stigma that results in girls participating in sports in fewer numbers than boys.

But there are a ton of benefits to sports participation for young girls that they’re missing out on, which is why we decided to do a blog on the benefits of sports for girls!

Better physical health
Young girls who participate in sports will have better self-reported health, fewer chronic illness, higher body esteem, a reduced risk of obesity, stronger bones, and a study found that they’ll even have less of a chance to participate in illegal activities, drugs, and smoking!

Better performance in school!
Intuitively, you might think that it would hurt the grades of a young girl, because she is focusing on something else, but that’s not true! Playing a sport actually makes girls better at organizing, setting priorities, budgeting time and gives them more energy! It also lowers their drop out rate!

Improves social life and involves them in their community
This one is quite obvious! They’ll meet new people and form friendships outside of class. On top of that, just like male athletes, female athletes are seen as more popular at school. Finally, a recent study of Canadians found young people who play organized sports are more likely to be involved in community activities as adults.

Better emotional and psychological health
Playing sports gives girls a higher self-esteem, better self-image, more self-confidence, lowers rates of depression and risk of suicide.

Any to add to the list? Let us know!