Sherwood Park Hockey Breakfast Club is Back

In the midst of a successful Fall program we have decided to bring back our Thursday morning Hockey Breakfast Club in Sherwood Park! This is a second chance  for all players who missed the fall club to get ahead of the curve during the second half of this hockey season. As we’ve always said, championships and champions are won and lost, not during a game, but in the practice sessions! The program will run every Thursday morning from January 7th-March 31rst, 2016 at Millennium Place Sprite Arena in Sherwood Park, Alberta. The sessions will be an hour long, from 7-8am, featuring 30 mins of power skating with Britney Millar and 30 mins of skill work with Dan Waschuk.

Here’s a little bit about your Breakfast Club team!

Britney Millar is from Kingston, Ontario and played women’s professional hockey and received a full scholarship for hockey to Mercyhurst University. Currently, she resides in Edmonton, Alberta where she owns and operates Millar Powerskating, where she teaches power skating.

Dan Waschuk is the very definition of experience, education and expertise. He has played hockey for well over 20 years, having had four successful seasons with the WHL, captained the Grant Macewan’s men’s hockey team, played in the memorial cup, the ACAC all-star team, and won several awards (top scorer and the molson 3 star award) during his time with the Regina Pats. Since then, Dan has moved his sights away from being a player to being a coach, having already run 5 successful development camps across Alberta. Besides having a well-devleoped inside knowledge of the game of hockey, Dan is also interested in the psychological side of sports, which is why he is currently pursuing a PHD in Sports Psychology. Last year, in his second season as assistant coach with the University of Alberta Golden Bears, Dan won a National CIS Championship. He teaches players valuable and important stress reduction, centring, and visualization techniques which allow players to gain a valuable mental edge.

If you want to register, click HERE and sign up!

 Here’s a detailed rundown of the two sessions!

1. A maximum of 10 skaters in the group.

2. The group of 10 will be divided into two separate groups for 30 minute periods. One group will be with Britney working on their power skating and one group will be working with Dan on their skills. At the halfway point the groups will switch and work with the other instructor.

3. Britney is one of the best power skating instructors in the city. She has an eye for detecting any errors or weaknesses and correcting them on the spot, then building them up over time to take their skating to the next level. The primary focus will be on speed, power, and explosiveness while improving edge work and control on skates. You’ll be in safe hands!

4. The skills work with Dan will vary by position.

The forwards we are working with will focus mainly on puck control, possession and shooting. Specifically, we are going to be working on player confidence while carrying the puck and making moves, maintaining possession of the puck in tight areas (coming out of corners), and using deception to sneak past defenders. In terms of shooting, the main focus will be on accuracy, changing shot angles, finding wholes & openings, and getting the shot away quickly while maintaining velocity.

Defensive players will be working on some d-zone tactics, first passes, and proper angling and positioning. Offensively, they will focus on getting comfortable holding the puck and moving from the blue line, finding options, making quick decisions, finding lanes and getting their shots or passes through to the net or to their teammates.

We wholeheartedly believe in this program and can’t wait to see all your faces out there!