Our Hockey / Golf Camps!

On the surface, hockey and golf may seem like two completely different sports. One requires skates, a stick, and is a lot more fun with other people, while the other requires a lot of time and patience and can be enjoyed alone or in a small group.

See our development golf/hockey camp video here:  https://vimeo.com/122873745

But there’s one parallel between the two: eye-hand coordination. The right mental state and skills are crucial for success; that’s why Competitive Thread focuses on giving players the tools to master the fundamentals. Once they become familiar with the proper techniques and develop muscle memory, athletes can then use what they’ve learned and transfer that knowledge into other sports.  Being able to visualize the shot before it’s taken and know where the puck or ball is going to go will dramatically increase your playing ability with both sports.

“If the mind can’t see it, the body can’t achieve it” – James Whitton

Through our inaugural hockey and golf camp, Competitive Thread will teach players the skills they need to become the best athletes they can be.

Here’s what to expect: first, players get dropped off at the rink at 8 AM. One group will stay with on-ice coach Dan Waschuk, former assistant coach to the Golden Bears, to work on their on-ice shooting skills. The others will head to the Leduc Golf Club or the  Sherwood Golf and Country Club Estates, depending on what week you sign up for.

James Whitton, Competitive Thread’s head golf instructor, will then work with students to determine their strengths, weaknesses, and where they need to improve. Whether it’s focusing on their swing at the driving range or practicing hits in the bunkers, James will provide a personalized, one-on-one style coaching for each player. One of the biggest benefits of our development camps is our high coach to player ratio.

Both golf courses allow players to learn and practice in a realistic setting, allowing them to develop their skills and become comfortable on the green once the program is over. At the end of the week, the players will be able to showcase their skills with a full day of games amongst their new friends!

To sign up for Competitive Thread’s Sherwood Park Hockey/Golf Camp from July 13-17th at Millennium Park or the Edmonton Hockey/Golf Camp from July 27th-31st, at Terwilligar Arena, go to http://www.competitivethread.com/hockey-development/sherwood-park-edmonton/hockey-golf-camp/ and sign up today. Spots are limited so make sure you sign up fast!