Need A Quick Dose Of Motivation? HERE!

We all have those days that you’re not feeling up to par. You’re unmotivated to get out there and conquer the world! We understand, but one of the biggest parts of being a coach or a role model is motivating those you’re trying to teach to get out there and get the work done, even when they don’t want to. And sometimes, all you need is just a little bit of a quick in the butt. So in this week’s blog, we thought we would share some of the most motivating quotes, videos, and pictures that we have come across in our day-to-day lives that inspire, motivate, and move us!

So here they are, up close and personal, and we won’t blame you if you decide to bookmark them for a future quick dose of motivation!

There is no one more Canadian and motivating than Terry Fox!

Being able to track your progress is one of the most motivating things you can do (sound familiar? Get TESTED!)

Get out of your comfort zone, take risks, and live life!

World’s Strongest Man Competition 2013 organized in Zhengzhou, Henan province. Host, Xiaoyan: Following a few competitors to Zhongmu County to experience the harvesting of watermelons where the competitors easily hauled up the watermelon baskets weighing up to 100 over catties (50kg), attracting a crowd of villagers at the field. At that moment, a middle aged female farmer came forth and picked up the baskets and walked off, saying “This is nothing, we do this all the time”. The competitors were stunned by the sight.

Before anyone helps you, you must help yourself.

More often than not, your limitations are not real limitations. Push yourself and you might be surprised what you’re able to accomplish.

This is possible the most motivating video we have ever seen!

Finally, a few quotes!

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago—the second best time is now. – Chinese Proverb

No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping the person on the couch!

“No such thing as spare time. No such thing as free time. No such thing as down time. All you got is life time. Go.” – Henry Rollins

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn. Sometimes you do both. There are no other options.
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