How To Read Your Testing Results

We sometimes get questions asking us to explain certain elements from a player’s testing results, so we thought it would be a great idea to do a step-by-step guide of what to expect when you get your results back (in less than 10 minutes after testing!)

You’ll find your results on the website, where you log into the “I’m a player” section.

Once logged in, this is the first page you will see, under the “clipboard” heading. It contains a news feed, upcoming events, some base statistics and allows you to access and change your profile information.

My Profile tab

This page is very similar to the clipboard page in that this is where you would edit all your profile information. This page contains everything from your height and weight to email and contact information. If there is information that has not been filled out for one reason or another, this is the athletes opportunity to make sure it is right and that it reflects your real information.

Results 1 (my results)

This is the page that we often get the most questions about. This is the page where atheltes get to see how they did in their latest testing combine. If we focus on the graph, the key information is the bars. The light blue bar shows the combine average, so on that particular day, what was the average score of everyone in your particular combine. If you drag your mouse over the bar, the numerical score will pop up. This is true for all the bars.

The middle blue bar is your individual best score on the day. Finally, the greenish looking bar shows you what the best score, out of all the players, was on that day.

Results 2 (Combine Data)

This page allows you to see your scores over time, the more you test, the more this page will fill up and you will be able to track your progress over time. It’s an invaluable tool for coaches to measure how you’re progressing every step of the way.

Results 3 (global comparison)

This is where you can see how you stack up against other athletes in North America who have done the same tests as you. Input the information, test, age, etc.,  and you will see a graph that shows you the average score for that age group, your best score, and the best score for that age group. This is effective for comparing where you fall in relation to your peers.


This page allows you to connect with your buddies and compare your scores head to head. Connect with them and track your improvements together. Plus a little healthy competition is a good way to stay motivated and perform to the best of your ability while having a little fun along the way!

Hopefully this gives everyone a little bit more insight to how our testing process looks. If you found this useful, don’t hesitate to tell us on Twitter @Comp_thread or bookmark this page and use it for later!

Have a great weekend!