Here’s 7 Reasons Why Early Athletic Specialization Can Negatively Affect Your Child

At Competitive Thread, we value objective science-based ideas and what we have found is that early specialization isn’t the best option for a developing child. Holistic approaches that teach your child to be a leader in all areas of their life is and will always be the preferred method! This is what we’re trying to teach in our development classes!

Here are 7 reasons why early specialization can hinder, rather than help, a child’s development!

  1. It can lead to isolation from friends and peers.
  2. There is no guarantee for future athletic success.
  3. It can hurt, rather than help, early athletic development.
  4. It can create elitism by creating the “haves” and the “have-nots”
  5. Leads to overuse and injuries.
  6. It’s usually an adult pushing the early specialization, not the child.
  7. It often leads to burnout.

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