Hear It From The Pros! Why Getting Tested Is So Important!

We at Competitive Thread have been very fortunate to work with some incredible athletes, coaches, and trainers over the years who have been very supportive about what we’re trying to do with our development and testing camps. We truly believe taking part in our development camps and getting tested will help our athletes develop into the future leaders we know they can be, but don’t take our word for it, hear from the experts!

1) Shaun Wright, gives one of the many benefits of our online testing results.

2) Leon Draisiatl, Edmonton Oiler, after one of our testing sessions.

3) Shaun Fleming, on the advantageous our online database has for coaches.

4) Rick Carriere understands why objective measurements are crucial to progress.

5) Liz Jepsen gets it! How else are you going to know if what you’re doing is working!

6) ian Hebers, on why our development camps are always a good idea.

7) Doug Crashley knows that without real measurements, a coaches guess is just that, a guess.

8) Dan Syrotuik, after being asked how often his athletes are tested.

Well, it looks like its unanimous: athletes must be tested and we couldn’t agree more!