Firstar Open Male And Female Hockey Testing- Coquitlam

Competitive Thread announced today that they will be hosting a male and female open, on-ice testing session in partnership with Firstar at Planet Ice in Coquitlam, BC on Sunday August 16, 2015. Testing will be available to Goalies and Skaters from Atom all the way up to Midget.

“This is a great opportunity for athletes in the lower mainland to be introduced to affordable testing that can help them track their development over time,” said Dan Waschuk, President of Competitive Thread. “ These young athletes will have the opportunity to feel like professionals while using the same recording equipment that players in the NHL and CHL use in their development. Parents are constantly asking us what their child needs to work on and how they compare with the other players their age. Our testing process provides objective data removing any subjective bias or errors. This means the players will have a clear picture of where they stand and will feel confident going into next season.”

Why Test
Have you been recording your development? If not, how do you know if you’re actually improving? Proper testing allows you to discover what is working and what is getting in the way of your future potential. Over time, you’ll be able to evaluate the effectiveness of any training interventions you have done or are currently doing and adjust accordingly.

How Often
Athletes should be testing anywhere from 2-3 times per season. Your first test gives you a baseline or starting point to work from; once you have that initial recording, you’ll use that data to create an action plan based on your strengths and what you need to improve on. After executing that plan, you’ll go through another test and repeat the process, becoming a better player each time.

How It Works
Each athlete will go through 8-10 drills and receive scores on each run. Once the testing is complete, athletes will then receive a personalized email with their results for every drill and an online profile. This will give them access to our extensive hockey player database. Using this program, they can compare their scores to the averages and high scores of players their age or older around the world. This will provide them with a clear outline of what parts of their game they need to concentrate on.

Affordable Testing Done The Right Way
Don’t be fooled into paying hundreds of dollars for testing. Competitive Thread believes testing should be affordable for all athletes. We understand the importance of standardizing tests and giving athletes multiple attempts, that’s why we limit our group sizes to 24. This gives each athlete a minimum of 2 attempts at each drill and allows them to become comfortable with the testing process.

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If you have not seen the testing before check out this video

More On Competitive Thread
Competitive Thread is located in Sherwood Park, Alberta and is Western Canada’s leader in athlete testing and development. They have worked with teams and athletes in the National Hockey League, the Canadian Hockey League and Minor Hockey teams and players across Western Canada. They take a holistic and balanced approach to development and aim to positively contribute to the individual growth of each athlete both on and off the ice. For more information visit or call us at 780-267-5795.

More On Firstar
At Firstar we believe in helping the athletes that work the hardest. The players who are the first on the ice and always last to get off the ice. At Firstar we believe that no matter what you’re doing – if you put in your life’s determination and work tirelessly towards your goals you will make it. Make the team. Make the first line. Make the position. Make the grade. Make your goals happen – win the gold medal.

After all is said and done. You deserve nothing, you earn everything.

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