Competitive Thread Partners With The Sherwood Park Ringette Association To Provide Universal Player Assessments

Competitive Thread has just announced their partnership with Sherwood Park Ringette to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the universal assessment process.

“We are pleased to announce that we are joining the SPRA team to enhance the universal assessment process,” said Dan Waschuk, President at Competitive Thread. “They maintain a proud and rich history, while providing their members with only the best development opportunities and we are proud to team up with an organization whose mission and values align with ours.”

Competitive Thread’s state-of-the art testing equipment allows them to accurately assess up to 25 athletes in 60 minutes or less.

Limit Error
No stop watches, pens, or paper are involved. These commonly used recording tools limit the opportunity for a score to be transferred incorrectly or a button to be hit to soon/late. Competitive Thread’s equipment treats every player equally.

Instant Results And Rankings
Adding up scores and tabulating results are a thing of the past. The necessary people are emailed the results complete with player rankings in less than 10 minutes after the sessions are complete.

These devices remove the chance, whether percieved or not, of any politics or related injustices involved with measuring player performance. Each player receives an equal amount of attempts at each standardized protocol. It also eliminates the need and stress of searching for volunteers and the additional challenges that can come up when showing them what to record and how to do it. Competitive Thread provides all the equipment and staff necessary to complete all testing sessions.

Sherwood Park Ringette Association
Sherwood Park Ringette provides their athletes with the option of recreational and competitive level play. They believe in maintaining a high standard of safety while retaining a low cost of participation and fostering the development of players, coaches, managers, and officials. Their primary goal is to promote goodwill and friendship while ensuring the well-being of everyone involved in the sport.

“ We are excited to introduce Competitive Thread’s services to our U12 and U14 members this year,” said Jen Rogers, President at SPRA. “They are the testing experts and will provide our organization with crucial assessment metrics accurately and efficiently.”

Competitive Thread
Competitive Thread is located in Sherwood Park, Alberta and is Western Canada’s leader in athlete testing and development. They take a holistic and balanced approach to development and aim to positively contribute to the individual growth of each athlete both on and off the ice. For more information visit

For More Information On SPRA Go To Http://Sherwoodparkringette.Ca/