9 Things Top Athletes Do

  1. They Don’t Look For The Quick Fix

    You should know by now that athletes didn’t find some secret that got them to where they are now. Being a top athlete takes hard work, determination, and discipline.

  2. They know where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there.

    You need a plan, a set of goals, somewhere to aim and knowledge of how to get there. If you find yourself in athletic purgatory, set a realistic goal, for example: I want to improve my shot, and simply work on it. As long as you have a goal, and you work on it consistently, you will see results.

  3. They don’t obsess over their abs.

    While training, don’t obsess over what you’re looking like, if you’re eating too much calories, or if those abs are coming in as nicely as you would like. If you’re putting in the hard work, you’ll likely see physical results anyway.

  4. They don’t worry about putting on body fat due to overeating.

    Fat is easy to lose, but muscle is hard to gain, which is what you want as an athlete.

  5. They train smart and focus on incremental performance increases.

    The biggest difference is probably that almost all of them have coaches that are focused on a smart (not always harder) approach based off incremental increases in performance.  Progressive overload is applied over time to bring the athletes abilities to a peak when they need them to be – nothing is random.  It’s all part of a program.

  6. They don’t feel guilty when they miss workouts.

    Beating yourself up over a missed workout can often be more emotionally damaging and set you back than the missed work out itself. Just pick yourself back up the next day and don’t miss another beat! Beyond that, even the best athletes in the world miss work outs every once and a while. Rest can be good.

  7. They surround themselves with people who are better than they are.

    Competition breeds success and when there’s no one who is better than you, who are you going to learn from? Find someone who can beat you and learn from them!

  8. They constantly seek out new information and develop a broad knowledge base.

    Research is important to staying on top of any subject!

  9. They do EVERYTHING they need to do to be the best they can be.

    This one is pretty self explanatory!

  10. BONUS #10: Top athletes don’t have off seasons!

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